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Terms of Service
123 – Park & Fly
Inh. A. Kröning
As of 15.03.2012

1. General
I. For all contracts concluded with 123 – Park & Fly, the following shall be issued
General Terms and Conditions of Business. Deviating agreements require the
Written form. The cancellation of the written form also requires the written form.

II. All offers of the 123 – Park & Fly are free and non – binding.
Claim to a car parking space is only created after confirmation by 123 – Park &

III. Each reservation request must be at least 24 hours before scheduled departure
arrive. You are kindly requested to book through the Internet portal or by fax
or E-Mail. Telephone bookings are only made with a call-back number
Accepted by the customer during the next few minutes after the
Reservation is available.

IV. 123 Park & Fly organizes a transfer from the parking lot to each customer
Terminal and later back again. It is expressly referred to the special agreement
At the end of these terms and conditions.

V. In the event of delayed arrival of flights and pick-up from the terminal, it remains 123
Park & Fly reserve the customer a waiting time until the departure to the parking lot or from the
Parking lot to the terminal of up to 45 minutes, as long as the delay is affected by further customers to be picked up and this would result in an unacceptable waiting time of more than 45 minutes due to the immediate transfer of earlier arriving customers. 123 Park & Fly remains free to transfer only the drivers of the vehicles to be picked up in order to save seating space.

VI. 123 Park & Fly is entitled to reject reservations without stating reasons.

VII. All announced prices of 123 Park & Fly include the applicable legal VAT.

VIII. Neither permanent custody nor custody is the object of this contract. 123 Park & Fly does not take care of and / or. Custody of the customer. The contract ends with the exit.
The sole benefit of 123 Park & Fly is the provision of a car parking space. Additional services are not linked here.

IX. The stay on the premises of 123 Park & Fly is only permitted for the purpose of setting up and picking up vehicles or related loading and unloading activities.

X. The placement location is considered as correct and accepted by the customer, if this is not immediately contradicted during the setting process.

XI. 123 Park & Fly does not rent out parking, but places it on the street
Payment of an agreed usage fee. 123 Park & Fly is exempt in all respects from the obligations of a “landlord”.

2. Information obligation of the customer
I. Prior to arrival, the customer undertakes to submit 123 Park & Fly the following data by telephone or fax:
(A) Scheduled departure time and flight number, including subsequent changes to the same
B) notify if he or she wishes to pick up the vehicle directly from the terminal
C) how many people he is traveling with
D) whether a children’s seat is desired (without surcharge)
E) whether disabled persons (wheelchair users) belong to the travelers
(F) information on the quantity and size of luggage brought along
G) Possibly additional, desired services according to the offer of 123 Park & Fly
Berlin Schönefeld, available at the Internet address:
(H) notification of the scheduled arrival time of the planned return (flight number, etc.), including any subsequent changes to the same (also possible by SMS to the telephone number 0151-61 02 02 52).

3. Other obligations of the customer
I. Upon arrival, a parking ticket is issued to the customer, without which the exit from the car park is not possible later. In the event of a loss, the pick-up must prove that he is entitled to pick up the vehicle in question.

II. The fees and costs incurred are to be paid in advance and in cash, upon arrival at 123 Park & Fly.

III. The customer is advised to deposit the vehicle keys at 123 Park & Fly during his / her absence. If the customer does not want or refuse to do so, he / she agrees to bear the costs for an implementation of the vehicle for important reasons (for example, fire, false parking and hindrance of other vehicles during parking and parking).

IV. The customer undertakes not to use any inflammatory and / or. Dangerous goods in the vehicle or on the premises. The same applies to perishable and / or. Valuable objects. The customer is fully liable to third parties for all consequences of the loss or damage incurred, regardless of which party the damage is incurred.

V. If the vehicle is in danger or is threatened (ingress), e.g. Loss of oil, etc., the customer must reimburse 123 Park & Fly at the latest upon collection of the vehicle. Reimbursement is also required for all consequential damages and expenses incurred by 123 Park & Fly in connection with the claim for damages to third parties.

VI. If the customer is no longer able to pick up the vehicle, it is only possible to hand it over to third parties if 123 Park & Fly is presented with an authenticated collection authorization, which is signed by the actual customer. If a family member is able to prove his / her identity to the pick-up and credibly assured that the contract customer is prevented, the vehicle can pick up the vehicle without special, further proof. The contracting party agrees to this agreement.

4. Right of retention of 123 Park & Fly
I. If the customer fails to meet his payment obligations, e.g. In case of additional payment than planned, 123 Park & Fly shall retain a right of retention on the vehicle until all costs have been compensated.

II. If the vehicle is not picked up by the customer at the latest 14 days after expiry of the agreed term of the contract, 123 Park & Fly is entitled to have the vehicle removed from the site at the expense of the customer. All further consequential costs must also be borne by the customer. In the case of delayed collection, 123 Park & Fly strongly recommends to make a written agreement, possibly via fax or email.

5. Cancellation
I. If the customer revokes his order, this will be charged in full at the originally agreed order value 48 hours before the originally planned arrival at the car park.

II. If this order is canceled outside the deadline specified in point I, 123 Park & Fly shall be entitled to 30% of the sales.

6. Liability of 123 Park & Fly
I. 123 Park & Fly shall not be liable for any delays in the customer’s arrival at the airport, as long as he / she arrives at the parking lot 120 minutes before departure, but force majeure causes the delay. Force majeure is defined here with weather conditions (ice, lightning ice, traffic jam, accident, vehicle defect, etc.).

II. Parking by 123 Park & Fly provided parking areas is at the risk of the customer. 123 Park & Fly assumes no liability for (unlikely) damage to the parked vehicle, burglary, theft, force majeure (storms, fire damage, etc.).

III. If the customer requests a pick-up from the departure terminal by avoiding driving the parking lot from 123 Park & Fly for reasons of time or other reasons, 123 Park & Fly is only liable for transferring the vehicle from the departure terminal to the car park within the scope of the statutory provisions. The customer confirms that the vehicle is handed over to 123 Park & Fly, that this is in a perfect, technical and ready condition. A pre-history protocol is waived by mutual agreement for reasons of time.

IV. For personal injury which occurs on the railing of the 123 Park & Fly or in the course of the executed shuttleservice, 123 Park & Fly accepts liability only in accordance with the statutory provisions. Any liability on the part of 123 Park & Fly will be void if the vehicle is removed from the parking lot.

V. 123 & Fly does not assume any liability for the luggage brought by the customer and its content.

VI. 123 Park & Fly shall not be liable for any dangers (such as fire, explosion, etc.) resulting from the vehicle parked by the customer.

7. Regulations on the grounds of 123 Park & Fly
I. The provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations shall apply as agreed upon throughout the entire site.

II. Step tempo, max. 7 km / h as agreed.

III. The staff of 123 Park & Fly Berlin Schönefeld is to be complied with on first order.

IV. In the case of a breach of o.g. Points will be released by the customer 123 Park & Fly from any liability.

V. 123 Park & Fly is not liable in any case by the customer on the premises caused property and personal injury. In this case, the customer is advised to ensure that:
A) he does not drunk the terrain
B) the vehicle has TÜV until the planned collection of the vehicle
C) the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the fact that the driver is in possession of a valid driving license.

8. Other provisions
I. The place of performance and place of the court of jurisdiction is the location of the respective parking lot, unless the legal regulations provide otherwise.

II. In the event that individual clauses of these General Terms and Conditions violate applicable law, the remaining valid agreements shall not be affected. With respect to the non-valid agreements, both parties undertake to find one immediately which corresponds to the legal regulations and which comes closest to the statutory provisions in relation to the desired agreement.

III. There are no subsidiary agreements, unless these have been agreed in writing.

IV. German law shall be deemed to have been agreed upon.